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About Vild – House of Little

ROOTS: THE SCANDINAVIAN CONCEPT OF DESIGN                                                                                  'Vild' is Swedish for 'wild'. Defined by the dictionary as uncivilised, savage and untamed, the word can be used to describe stormy oceans, certain kinds of strawberries and, as many new parents can attest, a fresh human bursting into the world. Vild - House of Little creates conscious high-quality basics, limited edition print collections and accessories catering to untamed beings from 0 to 6 years old.

Nature, materiality and the stimulus of art inspire the many layers in which founder, Allison Mitchell Nilsen assembles in her work: garments that resonate with the Scandinavian concept of design - form and function in equilibrium to create a utilitarian, beautiful piece.  Vild - House of Little champions the natural world as the source of everything it produces, and the infinite beauty and inspiration that it provides.


MISSION: CRAFTSMANSHIP, SUSTAINABILITY AND PURPOSE                                                    Exploring the intersection where humanity meets the natural world is a starting point for a design mission which seeks to answer questions surrounding craftsmanship, sustainability and purpose.

The garments are manufactured with select factories and craftsmen in Portugal and London and are made from the highest quality, conscious materials that care for delicate baby skin, and our world in equal measure. The objective to continually improve the development process across each stage, is at the foundation of Vild - House of Little. Every aspect is considered: from the sourcing of a varied fibre basket, creation of high quality materials, sustainable designs, sizing, trans seasonal qualities and the life span of each product - to engaging the powerful platforms of driven personalities that surround children.

Collaborations with celebrated artists are key to Vild - House of Little collections. These partnerships are instrumental in creating clothes which are deeply considered, timeless and defy trends.

Vild - House of Little remains committed to education, being responsible for the next generation and working with non-profit organisations.  Projects include: empowering girls in STEM subjects and self-expression, recycled material craft work shops and fund raising through art and music events. 

Vild - House of Little continues to champion a new era of textiles - fabric innovation and the exploration of eco materials - as well as working with like-minded partners across a wealth of progressive cross-disciplinary projects to create garments with a front, back and side story. 

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